Granny units, in-law quarters, pool houses...


No matter what the type, accessory dwelling units are all the rage these days as more and more homeowners are looking for creative ways to get additional income from their properties. What’s driving this new trend?
The fact of the matter is that there is a housing shortage, and it’s getting worse. Companies continue to open up shop, and tech giants continue to expand (ex: the Google Plex planned for downtown San Jose). Most people want to live near their jobs and cut their commute times, but there is very little land to build new homes on, and neighborhoods are becoming overpopulated.

Ather contributing factors include soaring home prices and rentals, making it difficult to find affordable housing. The good news is, legislation has been passed to help make building these accessory dwellings more affordable. According to a recent article by Marisa Kendall of The Mercury News, “In January 2017, legislation by Sen. Bob Wieckowski, D-Fremont, slashed the price of building an in-law apartment by as much as $60,000 for some homeowners, by cutting water and sewer hookup fees and other costs.” And that is just one example. Legislation is in the works right now to loosen restrictions even more, and remove all fees charged by water districts, cities, and other entities.

For those who previously hadn’t thought about adding a granny unit, you may want to give it some thought. An extra $2,000 or more per month in rental income could pay off the cost of the build pretty quickly and is an altogether smart investment, bringing up the value of your home if you do decide to sell one day.

At Timeline Design+Build, we are experienced in designing and building accessory dwelling units. Call us today to learn more and turn your one property investment into two.


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