It’s Okay to Splurge - On Your Interior Design Choices

As an Interior Designer, I have seen the look of excitement followed by the look of uncertainty on many a client faces. They will fall in love with something that costs more than they had wanted to spend, and then they have to decide if it is worth spending extra on. The answer many times is YES.

I think my biggest design tip is to splurge, but do it wisely. Not every finish selection has to be the best of the best, but, with the help of a designer, figure out what is important to you: kitchen, luxury bath features, floors, indoor/outdoor living, etc. and put the $$ resources into that feature. It is possible to be fiscally responsible while making your home more enjoyable.

A great example of splurge worthiness is cabinet accessories. The cost is not substantial, at a few hundred dollars, and you gain quite a bit of efficiency in your kitchen work space. One specific accessory our clients love? The mixer cabinet by Wood-Mode. This amazing little feature allows you to store your heavy stand mixer in your cabinet, it plugs right inside the cabinet and easily pops up to counter height. It gives you more counter space, without having to pick up and put away that very heavy mixer.


This is just one of many small splurges that make a big difference. I have worked on hundreds of large scale projects where we have a high/low approach to spending budget on the home. It all requires a ton of thought and planning to allocate the budget to the appropriate places so one feels comfortable splurging on the things that are important to them.

Remember, splurges are not only important but necessary and healthy, because the pleasure they provide promotes a better relationship with your money. In the end, you are always more comfortable and confident in your decisions and the home is truly an extension of you. That is always my goal.

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