Top 10 Questions to Ask When Selecting a Builder


There are many things to consider when interviewing builders. Our biggest advice is to start the interviewing process prior to designing your home. This way you will have a clear understanding of whether it makes sense for you to use a design-build firm or hire an architect and then later a builder. It also helps you understand the costs to build before designing a home that you can’t afford to construct.

1. How many years have you been in business? How many homes have you built?

2. Are you licensed and insured?

3. Have you done work in my city? (This is important because if they have, they understand the codes and permitting needs for your location, and every city is different).

4. What type of warranty do you offer?

5. Can you provide references from past clients? Do you have homes I can tour?

6. What departments do you have in-house? Who do you sub-contract and how long have you been working with them?

7. Do you have a process to ensure that the build will happen within the timeline you state? If so, what is it?

8. Who will oversee the construction of my home? Will I have one dedicated project manager?

9. From the estimate you give me to a final construction price, how close to the original estimate are you typically?

Does that cost take into account finish selections, consultant fees, permitting?

10. Do you have a process for inspections at key points during the build, and at final walk-through to address matters that need to be corrected or finalized?

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