Does your old bathroom need a new floor plan? Whether you are adding a Master Suite Bathroom, Guest Suite Bathroom, powder room or whole bath, or just updating your current bathroom, there are so many choices in layout and material selections. Our designers can walk you through the perfect design and help you choose just the right materials that reflect your taste.

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Warm Embrace

What makes this bathroom design pleasant to our eye is its symmetry that offers perfect balance and calming feeling. Central shower is the core of the composition that extends into the vanities on the sides. At the same time, this octagonal shower symbolizes water ripple starting with the shower liners made out of mosaic tiles. Further painting this master piece, shower base covered with the same mosaic tiles could represent pebbles. Synthesis of materials and warm earthy tones make this room very inviting.

Contemporary creams

 This lovely master bathroom showcases top of the line finishes in a very modern design. Bathroom tones reflect coffees and creams with chrome finishes to add a touch of metallic sparkle and shine. The vanity cabinet is made of natural oak with it's natural grain prominently displayed against the beige tones of the walls and floors.

Winter Beauty

Spacious, sleek and elegant, this bathroom design plays with contrasts and colors to achieve a sophisticated and classy look. Rectilinear shapes minimize rhythmic accents which bring out the uniqueness of the design. Natural arabesque from the marble material makes the room playful while sharp black liners tame the design. The window with warm wood frame serves as a focal point of the room where all the refractions meet and bring the warmth out.
Bowed vessel sinks hug and soften weighty rectilinear shapes. Black free standing vanities and mirror frames enrich the sleekness of the design. Simple faucets and rectangular hardware contribute to contemporary look. 


Smooth merging of Rococo décor and Asian style create relaxing and pleasant, functional and comfortable, spa-like room. A hint of green tones in the granite builds a very gentle connection between cherry red nuances of cabinets and glamorous patina of the mirror frames. The triangle of window, skylight and Shoji doors brings more natural light into while pending light fixtures balance the geometry of the long and narrow layout of the room.
We connected two rooms by repeating the granite material in the shower with dramatic effect.ji doors. Green tones once again bring the outdoors inside and create a calming and relaxing ambiance.

Naturalistic Zen Oasis

The homeowner desired a spa like space with an Asian flare for the bathroom. In order to achieve that goal cherry cabinets and flooring were used to create the naturalistic feel of the Zen environment. To highlight the earthy character of the space, neutral tones of brown and beige were utilized in the backsplash mosaic tile. Simple square ceramic tiles in the shower were subtly accentuated by a calming green tile that contributed to the overall tranquil look of the space. Lastly, the shared wall between the bathroom and shower was not a full height wall allowing natural light to pour into the bathroom through the shower window so that the clients could enjoy their space to the maximum.

Fresh Sanctuary

The goal for this bath design was to create a light-filled, open space using fresh and low maintenance materials. This was achieved through raising the ceiling, adding a large window centered on the tub, and installing an alcove light above the back lit mirrors at the vanity. All selected lighting and plumbing fixtures including the linear shower drain, wall hung toilet and the floating shower bench contributed to a more open and contemporary look.

Divine Nature

Complimentary patterns of large tiles and the earth tone contribute to organic look of this wet room. They distinguish the rectangular tub that breaks up the wilderness of this natural look that is enriched by setting them all the way up to the ceiling. Wall perforations made by different size windows and shampoo boxes, well incorporated into this natural look open up the room and let it breathe. This bathroom design goes all-out in maximizing the hygienic experience.
Warm colors instantly add luxurious, inviting feeling to bold look of this powder room and spread pleasant feeling of serenity. Leather soapstone stands out over caramelized bamboo cabinets while russet glass vessel sink crowns the picture. Oil rubbed bronze faucet set aside playfully breaks the symmetry of the display.

Sublime Essence

Our goal for this bathroom was to create a warm, contemporary and seamless space that matched the existing bathrooms’ cabinet finish. Tall panels of clear glass help the space to appear larger. Embedded lights and a large recessed mirror add to the design aesthetic, while the cherry finish of the custom cabinets adds an interesting element as the cabinets themselves create and conserve storage.


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