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Last week, some of us here at Timeline went down to San Diego for 3 days packed with training. Our company has been going through a transitional period in which we are becoming more efficient and tech savvy. One of the more important tools that we have adopted is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software which has been extremely useful in helping us track all communications with clients, our partners and ourselves. Operating out of Silicon Valley it was very important to us to pick a software that would cater to both technical and non-technical clients and partners and keep us on track to providing the best service we possibly can.

This is how we ended up going to San Diego in order to learn about Co-Construct a “construction project management software to help home builders and remodelers streamline their operations and take full control of their businesses.” We had been dabbling with other CRMs but we liked about Co-Construct was how it allowed our accounting and estimation departments to utilize the software directly and sync up all projects. This gave Co-Construct a real edge over other CRMs and pushed us to learn more about the software.

And so, that is how ten of us ended up on a plane on Wednesday night headed to the beautiful city of San Diego. All departments had representatives (some more than one) ready with lots of questions and ideas about how to implement Co-Construct in our everyday work flow.


(Bon, Sandy, Brad, Jeff, Sean and Daniel ready to learn!)

The training started on Thursday morning after breakfast with a fun ice breaker. There were about 30 of us altogether from different companies and as far away as Louisiana. Sherry, our trainer asked us to break into groups of morning people and night owls and surprise surprise (!) construction people are all morning people! The morning was spent introducing us to the software and showing us how to use the estimating segment to create budgets for clients. After a break for lunch we continued with an estimation project, looking at templates that would help us use best practices in our own work.


(Sandy, Ginny and Monica taking meticulous notes while Matthew poses for the camera)

To make things more fun, we were invited by the Co-construct team to go to happy hour in downtown San Diego and network with our fellow trainees.


(The whole team is off to happy hour)

Drinks and free food and we were set!
Friday began with a more in depth look into the selection and specification features of the program and more tips and best practices on project management. We had more concrete questions about how we could better utilize the programs and were able to provide some feedback to Sherry and Erik, our two trainers about our specific needs.


(Jeff and Sean listening closely)

We had a delicious dinner on a rainy evening at the Patio on the Goldfinch, a cool restaurant with a fabulous living wall. We spent the evening becoming more acquainted with each other and learning more about our past experiences.


(Timeline Design at dinner)

On Saturday, our day began with a guest speaker, Ed Earl who is an Owners Representative and Construction Project Management consultant. He gave us with a great deal of very useful information on how to manage client expectations and how to best communicate with them. The day ended with information on Quick Books integration and the client interaction on Co-Construct.
And we were off to the airport to get back home.


(Monica and Bon were really interested in the gorgeous Sunset)


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