Matter Port Introduction


3D Matterport Image

Welcome to today's blog which is a bit of show and tell on the new matterport camera (360 scan camera) and why I actually love it (Pending long term durability/support which will come later).

What is the matterport camera and why is it so useful?
Well I won't lie, I was a bit skeptical at first and was pleasantly surprised at how much detail it captures and how many questions can be answered just by walking through the model in (3-D). Window locations, type and approx. size? Every detail is there, doors, which way they swing, panels, handle etc, it's in there!

If you really think about that as an installer/estimator/team leader/framer/designer/owner etc... you really get the whole picture.
The whole picture, if you do not get on site often, you can be onsite. It really is that simple, after testing with Katie extensively it has proven to be a solid tool. And here is why.

I say the detail is in the details, ha, see what I did there, you have to envision the project completely and that is what this product does. Katie and I worked on three different simulations with interiors pre-construction residential homes to Turner Constructions new Kaiser Hospital extension in San Jose. I would like to say with minimal knowledge and experience the camera did an amazing job.

Having multiple points of view while learning this product was amazing, measure twice cut once! There was a lot to learn and pass on and I appreciate the help you all provided in so many ways. It really takes a village sometimes.

Project As-Builts / Measure Ups are the heart and soul of the jobs technical side, well done plans and measurements are golden, but that is only part of the story. Yes we expect truth in plans, but what is the feel of the home, the light, the negative space. What does the project feel like? That is the golden goose my friends and that is exactly what this camera does.

So far this has been great fun and very useful for the first project, expect more reviews and tips as the testing continues.


Sean Alfred, Project Manager


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